Sunday, October 23, 2011

Research Paper - Outline

I.                 Introduction
1.     Hook: A brief description of ADHD/ADD and their effects on people. Many people are actually diagnosed with ADHD, but there are many ways to mask the symptoms.
2.     Thesis: Deciding whether to place a child on ADHD medication may be difficult, but the benefits of using medication greatly outnumber the minor side effects that a child may feel while on the medication.
3.     Implications: What are the positive and negative effects on people of different ages taking ADHD medication, long-term and short-term? What age can a child be properly diagnosed with ADHD?
II.               The Background Behind ADHD Symptoms
1.     A brief description of the characteristics of the three main symptoms of ADHD.
      a.  Inattentiveness
      b. Hyperactiveness
      c. Impulsiveness
III.             ADHD Treatments (separated into multiple paragraphs)
1.     Description and positive effects of three types of ADHD medications: Vyvanse, Adderall, and Concerta.
2.     A brief description of a number of minor side effects.
3.     A brief description of a few more techniques used to treat ADHD symptoms.

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